Walking Across America

ORyan Ray | Explorern February 28, 2015, I took my first footsteps in a 3,000-mile walk and 26-stop speaking tour that spanned the USA from coast to coast. Why did I do it? Did I pass through your town? Am I crazy? Find the answers to all of these questions and more below. 

A 3,000-mile Walk and Speaking Tour

Practicing Patience

“Ryan, one trailday you’re going to have to learn to be more patient!” It was one of my mom’s go-to phrases when she got angry with me. She was right. The moment I thought about something, I wanted it, and I wanted it NOW. I’ve never been good at waiting for anything.

So why would someone with an absence of patience choose a ridiculously slow way to travel? Not only was this the ultimate trip outside my own comfort zone, it is also the perfect metaphor for any goal or even for life itself! More importantly, the beauty of the details—from an oddly shaped cloud, to a colorful worm crawling on a leaf—helps remind my impatient inner-child that the gold is in the journey, not the destination.

Inspiring the Dreamer in Everyone

Once upon a time, my Walking Across America - Flyer (Proof FINAL RGB)life didn’t belong to me. As a professional cubicle warmer, every day was nearly identical to the next. The weeks melted into a series of months, melting into a series of years filled with mundane, menial events. I lived in a largely predictable, purposeless vacuum that lacked any heart. I knew something was off, but I truly believed I was trapped.

One day, all that changed. Inspired to make a simple shift in my perspective, in just thirty days time, I was working in Spain and living the life I had always dreamed of. Now, I’m sharing my experiences with others. In each talk, I’ll share where I’ve been and how I got there—literally and metaphorically—going from a corporate paper pusher living paycheck to paycheck, to:

  • dreaming of a different life,
  • finding the key to open the door to my dreams,
  • traveling through Europe, India, Asia, Northern Africa, Alaska, Central America and beyond,
  • getting clear about my motivations,
  • creating and hosting a TV show with 1.2 million viewers, and more.

Route Map (2015)