An Appetite for Adventure

Seduced Ryan Ray | Explorer by the mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids and lured by the love that inspired the Taj Mahal, my desire for discovery is insatiable. From San Francisco to Singapore, Tokyo to Tegucigalpa and Vancouver to Varanasi, my passion for exploration has taken me around and around the world.signature

Explorer for Hire

A trilingual, modern-day Christopher Columbus—but without the political agenda.

Branded Adventure Trek

explorer-kayakGive your brand a competitive boost with a unique marketing campaign that leverages social media, the coolest technology and the expertise of a seasoned adventure traveler.

Big Ideas

  • Climbing Mount ______
  • Living with Indigenous people in the Indonesian Jungle
  • Kayaking around Australia
  • Crossing the Sahara on Foot
  • Diving with Whale Sharks in Belize
  • Sailing through Micronesia
  • Couch Surfing with Locals in ______

High-Tech Travel Bloggerexplorer-video-halong

Capture your audience’s full attention with purposefully written posts and raw video from the most remote corners of the globe. Of course, no travel blog is complete without beautiful images shared in real-time linked to a super cool GPS tracking system.

Scout, Research & Fact-Finding

Need detailed images of remote fishing villages in the South Pacific? Does your project require video footage of a native tribe living deep within the Amazon? Want an objective opinion of a competitor’s chain of hotels in various French speaking foreign markets? Whatever your need, with Ryan’s travel and language skills your project will be delivered on time and under budget.

Custom Solutions

explorer-skydiveSkydiving? Zip-lining? Spelunking? Yes, Ryan does that too. We’ll be happy to brainstorm with you to come up with a solution that meets your needs.

To begin the process of commissioning Ryan for an expedition, please contact Kelly for details.

Kelly Ray
+1 (323) 687-3896